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Day 31

Graveyard Vampire by ChristineD1987

Picture Postcard

She was always sending me things in the mail. Letters, postcards, packages with candy or even FTD flowers once. At least one item a week with her sweet perfume and curvy handwriting.

Our friendship started as pen pals. I was doing time for theft, she was lonely and wanted pen pals. One of my buddies gave me her address and said she’d write back. She certainly did.

I finally got paroled. She wanted to meet, even offered to buy me a plane ticket to her. I got the impression that money wasn’t an issue for her, but she never said for sure and I didn’t ask.

I declined her offer as politely as I knew how. I got my own place in town and started my life over again. The first piece of mail I got at my new apartment was from her. She sent a small package of salt water taffy, my favorite. Inside a card she wrote, Think of me when you eat these, I’ll always be there for you. Hugs.

I thought she phrased it a little odd, but shrugged and opened the bag of taffy. The first piece was green and minty. I sat in the only chair in my apartment and thought it might be nice to visit her once, after all the letters we shared. I glanced at the card and… and the image on it moved.

I closed my eyes, and opened them again, but the room became blurry. The image on the card was fascinating and sickening at the same time. There was a story being shown to me. A ritual sacrifice by vampires who circled around a stone table in a graveyard. Each detail was vivid and alive. I tore my eyes away and looked at the taffy – could have been homemade? Suddenly there were strange noises coming from the card.

One of the vampires had moved to the edge of the image, and began climbing out of the card into my home. I yelled, “You aren’t allowed to come in here.”

The vampire lady smiled. I didn’t know what I was seeing. She sucker punched me while I just stared at her. My last thought before I hit the ground was “Did I eat spiked taffy?” Everything went black.

I opened my eyes to a splitting headache, and a full moon in the clear sky right above me. I looked around, a saw a circle of robed people surrounded me.

A feminine voice said “You should have accepted my offered ticket.”

“Just tell me one thing,” I said. “What was in the taffy?”

“A location spell, with built-in invitation clause if you ate it.”

Day 30


by unknown

The Barn of Mystery

We used to play hide and go seek in that barn. Unlike most things in childhood, it looks bigger than I remember. Perhaps it is the heaviness surrounding the whole area that I sense.

The victim was 12 years old. She had been missing for a couple years. Her parents lived 3 states away, and had mounted a massive manhunt for the babysitter. No one had any information, and the hunt continued for 12 months. The parents announced that they had run out of money, the manhunt had to be called off. Her mom cried during the press conference.

This horrid dusty barn had been abandoned for at least a decade, the records showed. The property was huge, and since the drought, no one even squatted there. For miles in all directions there was little vegetation, and no neighbors.

Truck tire tracks showed almost daily use. Boot tread into and out of the barn showed someone obviously was here. But the specialists tell me it was only one person, not multiple. That means before her end, the victim was confined.

From the outside, the barn looked run down and abandoned, but on the inside someone had spent considerable time carving on every surface. Religious Christian, and Jewish, and Islamic symbols, pagan symbols, ancient Egyptian symbols, plus a handful of others my general knowledge couldn’t identify. Some of the larger carvings, covering 5 feet, were also painstakingly painted. If this were not a crime scene, I would have been fascinated.

No one can explain what happened. There are no furnaces, no heat sources with enough power to melt glass. It took my breath away the first time I entered the barn doors. It was obviously planned to do just that.

The carvings, the colors, the lighting all center on the solid glass pyramid. At first I thought it was crystal, but I’m assured it is poured glass. Inside this perfectly symmetrical and smooth 9 foot tall shape is the 12 year old girl posed in a Buddha posture. Her skin is not burned, her eyes are closed, she is not wincing. No one can explain it.

We estimate that it weighs somewhere around a ton, give or take a few hundred pounds. There are no tire tracks that hint at extra weight. There are no holes in the roof to allow it to be dropped in. No one has any fucking idea what is going on. We are waiting for the equipment to arrive so we can move it to a facility for study and possible extraction.

Her parents are on a flight here right now. I couldn’t tell them over the phone what I had found, just that it concerned their missing child and they should get here as quickly as possible.

I needed to go get some sleep, but I approached the pyramid one more time. I carefully placed my hand on the cool surface, and leaned toward the little girl’s face.

Her eyes opened and stared back.

Day 29

clown face

by unknown

Bloody Lipped Clown

He dances like a maniac

around the butchers block

he races to the sink

and drains the cup of blood.


He paints like a madman

his own ear the brush

he stares into the mirror

and loses his watch.


He laughs like a maniac

bitternes mixed with mirth

he sings of beautiful lunatics

alone to his meat cleaver.


Day 28

Hull Old Town Creepy Alley 1

Hull Old Town Creepy Alley 1 By Two Boxes

Offering to my Ally Alley

I knew my love was down the alley and around the corner. She told me last night she would be there. I always listen for the dream whispers, for they bring me the most juicy tips.

The darkness mixed with anxiety and beauty. The crisp sounds of women’s shoes, and the quickening when they notice me. I love to anticipate, hesitate, before I enter that alley.

My whispers delivered yet again, for my love was indeed where I imagined. She wore the face of a whore tonight, dressed in red and lace and boots. I don’t know why they like that revolting color. I prefer the real color of blood over that gay and flouncy imitation.

I’ve become quite accustom to hiring and lulling the whores. I just speak to them as I would speak to my love, for in a way I am of course. The little sweet nothings every woman of the night desires to hear but no longer deserves. The alley was my ally tonight with it’s crevasses and shadows. I must remember to leave an offering tomorrow.

My favorite moment of the evening was when I looked into my love’s eyes, and the shell falls into death and my love shows herself in full glory for that brief torturous moment.

My love is so glorious and beautiful, I don’t know why I must use these stupid cows to reach her. Men don’t seem capable of reaching her. Only women with lovely red lips and moist eyes… only women that will listen to my sweet nothings.

Day 27

by unknown


the mossy structure

inhaled my silly friend

checking mouth for loot

Day 26

girl with needle

by unknown

Her Long Night

She understood what it meant

the syringe and the medicine

it is the only way

to save her soul

to save her love


She postponed a few days

to run in the meadows

dance with her love

be happy and make babies

it would all be worth it

Juliet thought.

Day 25


by unknown

She waved while on the surface
her colors bright, her flag free
the anchor up, her crew set
gas in the tank, nets ready
One little overboard
one little shark
one little octopus
one little flash
the octoshark ate
no one spoke
she sits uncomfortable
rocks poke her
cats have their way on her
but once she sailed
free and clean