Day 3

She knew were she was going. The cottage on the hill, with the flowers. She knew it was just a show to take her in such a carriage.

Why does mommy hate me?

The tall man with the pale skin had come to their home 5 days ago. He had smiled at her, and nodded his head as mommy spoke, and then gave her a bunch of money.

Mommy had gotten dress up for him, but wouldn’t answer why.

The cottage was an orphanage, and she knew that parents that went with the tall people with pale skin and sharp teeth never came home. The “lucky ones” got to go in the carriage to the cottage. Teachers and care takers and food and shelter all provided. No more worries.

I miss mommy.

I Shall Ride There

I Shall Ride There by *beanhugger at deviantart

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