Day 4

Something’s not right Cap’n

She woke with a start. Her ghost whispered in her dreams and left her feeling creeped out. It had only been a month since the implant, and she still wasn’t used to it. She was not surprised to see the water was still, no wind in sight, still.

Her ghost whispered to her, “Move forward.”

She lazily got the long oars out.  In the pre-dawn light nothing seemed to work properly. She missed coffee on mornings like this.

Her doctor had told her it was a good idea to spend time alone, to get used to the implant. She had stayed the required five days in town to make sure she didn’t have a rejection.  Everything had worked out fine.

As she understood it, the thing was symbiotic with her. It was a scholar and the species was chronicling the human experience in real time. She heard they usually don’t spend time in a “single-time-space,” whatever that meant.

Her ghost seemed to become louder, “You need to move the boat forward.”

She mumbled “Okay okay, I’m goin’.”

As she started to row, she suddenly felt a wave of exhaustion, and barely noticed the water bulge around the boat.

Her ghost yelled, “You must stay awake.” Her ghost continued in a quieter volume, “If you sleep while it is down there, you will die and I will die. Perhaps if I describe the monster, it will help wake you. It seems they followed us here from home.”

“Monster? Is it like a zombie that wants my brains?” She said, as she chuckled.

“No,” her ghost said, “It will slowly consume your soul, and I am not yet strong enough to take over your body if your soul dies. It cares nothing for your meat.”

“Oh. Is that all the paperwork I signed? You get my body if…”

Her ghost said “I would suggest you concentrate on rowing and think of paperwork later. I’ll show you an image of it.”

by Alex Felltir Sunderland in UK (link to Google+)



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