Day 10

Old man Nickelfarble

“Oh, mine are the happy, healthy couples. Hard to find,” Sam said as she smiled her fairy smile.

“Those are nice, but mine are the ones that like bondage. Nothing extra, just bondage. It lasts longer… I used to claim the anal couples, but then everyone wanted them so I switched,” Jack said.

“Have you ever been spotted?” Sam said.

“I didn’t think that is possible.” Jack said.

“Well, I was told that too. But there are a handful of people that normally could see us, and then you know, they are supposed to be engrossed in their fun activities, so technically if you are able to materialize they should not be able to see you, but…I have a couple that the woman glances around in a few places I’ve watched from,” Sam said very quickly without drawing breath.

“Nope, you’re just pulling my wing. Those head-blind humans wouldn’t see you if you landed on their head. I know,” Jack said with a mischevious grin.

“No you didn’t. Really? You’ve landed on a humans head before?” Sam tried not too look impressed.

“Maybe. It’s more plausible than one of us being seen.” Jack said as he shrugged.

“You, ahh, wanna come along, um… the next time I go?” Sam said.

“You’d show me your best couple?” Jack said.

“Yeah, they produce way more than I need, and it’s not like it keeps,” Sam said, then she blushed. “It might even be infecting.”

“That’s a myth. You ever gotten randy?” Jack said.

“As a matter of fact, yes. Every time I visit them. Why would I invite you otherwise,” Sam blurted out before she could stop herself.

“So that’s the way of it,” Sam said, as he sat up a bit straighter, and puffed his chest out. “You want to Feast with me.”

“Hey, it feels like them now.” Sam closed her eyes, and felt the thrill of her bonded couple. “Let’s go, give me your… hand.”

She teleported them into the room, close to the ceiling fan. They fluttered down, and had an excellent view of the bed, which was indeed filled with enough sexual energy to feed them both and then some. A few minutes passed, filled with the humans grunting and groaning and slipping on each other.

“This couple is quite nice,” Jack said.

The moment he spoke, the woman, who was on top of the man, looked directly at the ceiling fan. She seemed to exude more sexual energy than ever before, and the room seemed to fill, not just the bed. Jack felt intoxicated, and he grabbed Sam, who responded, and they kissed and rolled around on the blade of the ceiling fan.

They did not notice to woman cast a spell, and they did not notice the second or third spell cast. They were too involved in being material, and randy with each other.

Jack got hit on the head and instantly de-materialized. Sam screamed and attempted to de-materialize, but her body was too aroused still. She wildly looked up, and saw the most grotesue thing she had ever imagined.

Fairies, you see, are immortal. The creatures wings hung by a thread of energy, and the one part of the creature that was still healthy was her brainy part. That’s all a fairy needs, and sexual energy.

Daemons had long hunted the fey of all types. Sam knew if she couldn’t de-materilize in a moment or two, she was next.

The hand reached for her, the huge human woman’s hand. Sam thought “She must be half Daemon to be able to see me and cast.”

Jack appeared with 2 other fey, grabbed Sam and he said “Nickelfarble!” They all de-materialized together.


by estherase on flickr

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