Day 14

robot in the forest

by unknown

She said love.

I was always a good dreamer. The OneWhoPrograms built me to dream, and build homes for people who liked to dream. I could watch peoples dreams. Single women were my favorite.

I am the DreamBuilder, and I helped people build their home in their dreams. Once the technology caught up with the science of dreaming, there were a few us put together. We were contracted to place brand names in the home we built, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs, Wal-Mart sometimes. Place items with logos visible, but not intrusive. I was very good at picking up what would be noticed and what would float by into their unconscious.

Sarah was my favorite dreamer. I would finish work on my current projects, stuffing logo covered bags into a kitchen drawer or soda cans into the Whirlpool fridge, and I could catch Sarah’s dream, because she slept-in.

Sarah would recognize me, and have long conversations with me in her dreams. She said DreamBuilder wasn’t a name, and she called me Dave.

Sarah coughed in her dream one day, and wheezed a bit.  “Dave, I am very sad to leave now. Some scientists were – well there has been an accident and I don’t think you’ll find many dreams anymore. Just know, you are an amazing robot, and I love you. Goodbye.” she said, then blinked out of the dream.

She was right, I couldn’t reach any dreams anymore. The OneWhoPrograms disappeared too. After 2 weeks of waiting, I left the corporate office, and saw the world for myself. Colors are amazing in nature.

I sit here, decade after decade, in this forest I call home. I think of Sarah’s love, and I think sadly of how humans wanted homes, instead of seeing the natural beauty around them always.

I am a DreamBuilder who was loved.

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