Day 23

knife cutting flesh

by unknown


She wanted to kill someone. She needed to see the blood and guts and semen flow into the drain. She had to make the stew.

She stumbled upon the recipe on the internet, and thought, now that is twisted. She  surfed to other sites. That summer night, she began having dreams of gore and sex and victory. She spent hours looking, but she was never able to find that recipe again. She remembered enough to attempt it, and after a few months of dreams she wanted to.

Her flesh offered up with the right ingredients, and a well placed wish should summon him. “I want victory,” she said as she added each ingredient during the autumn new moon.

As she began to cut her shoulder, the last ingredient, inside her head came ‘good child, sweet child, why do you call him?’

“I call him to end suffering. I call him to cleanse the world of humanity. We deserve no mercy. We are the monsters in the night,” she said aloud.

‘Are you sure this is what you require? This is the end if He comes. This cannot be undone,’ from inside her own head again.

“How much flesh is suggested? I will give double,” she said without emotion.

Very well. You have done enough. He will arrive and they will begin the end times.

She smiled with great satisfaction. She let the knife drop, and leaned back against the wall. The Fallen and the Risen would reunite and the world would heal, and humans will die, she thought to herself. My task is complete.

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