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Diary of a Condo Owner

Scary Fish by *xNickixstockx on deviantart

Day One

I feel like a milllion bucks. I am the proud owner of a condo. My own place at last! I got the keys today.

The last owner had this magnificent fish tank built into the wall, and left it intact. It is part of the lure for this particular place. The extra insurance is paid for 2 years, as a bonus for me signing. Other than the tank, all the walls are white, which I’ll fix soon, and wall to wall wood flooring. The wood is dark and has a wonderful lusture in the sunlight. I have a small balcony overlooking the road and park. A small breakfast nook, and single bedroom and bathroom. It is just the right amount of space for me.

Day Three

There is something odd about this place. I was painting the livingroom when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned up the music and kept painting. Maybe it was just because I was also dancing around like a fool and I don’t have curtains or blinds yet.

I hired someone to come help me set up the fish tank properly. I described it to them, and the fishes I’ve seen in it, and they think it’s salt water. They seemed surprised that someone would sell their home with the tank and fishes. Usually people treat expensive fish like pets, not decorations. Oh well, I say their lose is my gain.

Day Ten

The place looks awesome. The paint is done, my furniture is in, the tank is properly set up and the fish are active. The view is… well it’s of a skimpy city park but it is my view and I love it! I’m going to have some friends over this weekend to see it.

Day Twenty

My friends agree that there is something creepy about my place. They don’t know what it is, but they don’t want to come back. Also, my fish-tank-guy quit on me. He said something about the heeby-jeebies  and not being a religious man but not wanting to visit my house again either. I don’t know what has gotten into everyone.

Day Thirty

I figured out why everyone is creeped out. I signed the paperwork and jumped on the awesome price on this place without asking why it was an awesome price. This is going to sound like I’ve gone off the deep end, but there is a ghost fish in my apartment.

The first time I saw it, I was on the phone with my friend, and I gasped. She asked what was wrong, and I had to hang up because no one beleives in ghosts… I mean not adults, right?

My heart pounding, I mustered the courage to approach the image of a large gold fish, or red snapper, or whatever it was, and look closer at it. It moved so it always kept it’s eye on me. It just hovered there, in the air, not even in the tank, and it stared with one eye.

It follows me around, whereever I am in the apartment, there is this fish-ghost, staring at me. It’s mouth is usually stuck open, but the creepiest is when it suddenly starts moving it’s gills and opening and closing it’s mouth. As if it were dieing in the air. It hovers, fish-gasping, staring at me.

I can’t eat infront of it, I can’t masterbate, I have a hard time taking a shower or getting dressed. I tell myself it’s just a fucking fish, but it is staring at me un-like any fish.

Who do you call to get rid of a ghost-fish?