the flower was very shy

the flower was very shy
as proper flowers are
it’s pinkness lovely
and the petals appeared
softly to move
trance like movement
and it hid it’s stamen
as proper flowers do
i found myself approving
more and more as i was
transfixed by it’s swaying

i moved closer
to attempt to get a chance
to smell any aroma
as the best beautiful flowers
have beautiful scents as well

i smelled my favorite perfume
and grilled cheese sandwiches
and homemade cookies all at once
although it was very pleasant
and i took a deep breath
and moved a little closer
and they grew stronger

the next thing i knew
the fucking flower
bit my nose!
it had hidden it’s teeth
very well

‘what kind of demented student
grows this as a school project?’

the reply came
with laughter all around
‘the kind of student you
threw out of your class
with an ‘F’ and a denouncement
that i could not grow grass
if it were AstroTurf
revenge is best served
in person’

Creepy flower with teeth

image titled Creepy by the waving cat on Flickr

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