This place was called a graveyard.

he fell from the Heavens
he had lost his temper
and lost his immortality
and lost his voice and mobility
for a moment of anger
he wept
the price was too high

he looked through the clouds
and could direct his fall a little
spotted a lovely stone building
headed there and positioned himself

his leg touched first
the stone overtook him with great
pain as he felt the Heavens
flee before the solid form
he no longer heard The Song
he no longer could weep
he heard his heartbeat
and birds around him in the trees
and people when they were close

over time he learned
this place was called a graveyard
and they came to bury the dead
he watched
as sadness hit him wave after wave
day after day

in his guilty silence he enjoyed
when the hooligans
arrived late into the night
they brought a different kind of sadness

he knew one day
the fallen brethren before him
would come and offer freedom
he knew they would wait until
his prison was worn
and his flesh was falling apart

he did not look forward to that day

angel ontop a tomb, pointing up with on hand, his other hand cupped his ear

image titled 'Creepiest? 1' by dalem on Flickr

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