The Flower Project

“I completed the Flower project,” Linda said as she walked into the well lit, messy room. The lights were old fashioned chandeliers with a few dozen candles each, but there was never wax drips, and the candles never diminished. Linda knew there was magic involved but was too lazy to study them and find out. MrRoman would have taken too much delight in her personal interest. She was almost through with the training and he continually attempted to get in her pants.

“I’m sorry… what?” MrRoman said as he jerked his head up from the pile of papers he was deep into reading.

“Good morning, MrRoman,” Linda said in the expected drone.

“It’s you Linda, Good morning!” MrRoman said with what he assumed was a very nice smile. Linda avoided showing her grimace.

“I’m sorry to bother your studies, MrRoman, but you said to let you know during classroom hours when we finished the Flower project,” Linda said, holding her project behind her back as she spoke.

“You know I never stipulated for you to only contact me during classroom hours…” MrRoman said. “Since you are here, let’s do things properly, I assume you have it?” MrRoman seemed to switch from creepy guy hunting for a date to the esteemed professor in a heart beat, and Linda much preferred the professor.

“Yes sir,” Linda said. She walked further into the room, many tables covered with books, papers, drawings blocked her way toward his desk. She gently placed the fragile flower that had taken 10 years of her life to gather the knowledge, and another 5 years to actually make.

“I haven’t seen one with five petals in ages. Very impressive number. The shape is tolerably even, a little sloppy on the uniformity, but overall lovely to behold. I’m interested in the crystals. Who are they?” MrRoman said, without touching the flower. Even a distinguished professor knew better than to touch an artifact of this complexity without instruction from it’s maker.

“They are, if you will believe it, sets of twins. I was very fortunate to be able to gather 4 sets very easily. The plague and the economic depression has people willing to die for a cause. The fifth set was much more difficult. Can you guess which set was the last?” Linda said, as she watched MrRoman’s reaction. He was too engrossed in every detail to give any indication of her possible grade.

“My guess would be this set, since the crystal is actually behind the wire and the shape most off,” MrRoman said pointing but not touching the Flower.

“I was surprised myself, but that was one of the willing sets. It seems the souls with more happiness are slightly harder to shape. Alas I need more practice on the art of Dominance, but this was great field work for me,” Linda said. She pointed at the most even set, “This was the last to gather, and most difficult.”

“What were they doing that you got them so even?” MrRoman said.

“They were sailing on a small yacht. They were unaffected by the troubles of the ‘poor folk’, and they were sailing while drunk. They were both taking risks to impress their friends, it was a party atmosphere. I helped them slip off, into the ocean, and I helped them toward the moment of LifeFlashing. They both prayed in the moment, in their drunken state, and I had to catch them as they left their bodies. They were born around the same moment, and died around the same moment, and were equally matched in happiness I gather.” Linda said as she picked up her artifact. “You can pick it up by these wires, but not these, and I would suggest not breathing on the crystals directly.” She handed the Flower to MrRoman.

“Very impressive. May I keep this for a week to verify your work?” MrRoman said, still engrossed in the details of her project.

“Yes sir, it would be an honor.” Linda said with a minor bow, she turned to go.

“I think you will get your title soon, and your first Sythe.” MrRoman said to her back.

“I have been working hard toward that goal, I hope that you are right, sir.” Linda said and left him to study.

lamp of wires and LEDs at the end, shape of flower

image titled 'Freaky Lamp Stage 1' by Lost Archetype on flickr

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