the silent army

i know they are looking at me
waiting and watching when no one
else is around

their haughty stances are meant
to deceive us, lull us
into believing they are tiny
women with no physical power
but they aren’t women
they aren’t human

they stare at me, all the shoppers
but the worst are the ones without
eyes, they just listen and feel

i think they eat brainwaves
greedy thoughts of shoppers
have turned them crazy

one day i fully expect
and dread
the news will flash up

mannequins have eaten 500 people
across the country so far today
the ones with mouths said
‘we must consume, do you take plastic?’

one day soon
they will awaken
be careful
be wary

5 female mannequins out of focus in a large department store

image titled Invasion by deven.laney on flickr

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