living moments

i said i’d be back
i said i’d come for you
i said i’d find you
and your wife
and your kid
and you’d know i’d found them
before the end

i’m here at the park
one among a few hundred
makeup and costumes all
except me
i’m still fresh,
i don’t smell yet
i can still smile
because i know
i’ve come for you

every moment, my life fades
memories fade
all that remains are my last
living moments
filled with anger and terror
my curses on your family
on you

the bench i rest on
and take pictures from
is across the street
for your daughters school
and your wife drops her off
and you pick her up

i will print out these photos
and place one on your windshield
when you go inside
and tomorrow…

tomorrow i come for you

image titled "Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 188" by thivierr on flickr

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