one day this tablet…

image titled "Gorgon’s head" by jrawle on flickr

we will be free
one day this tablet
carved from Olympia itself
will be broken
and we will once again
be able to influence the world
as we see fit

we will make you pay
for the evils you have created
for the things you have stolen
but mostly you will pay for
imprisoning us
enslaving our power

we will take your greatest people
your wisest people
and make them seem repulsive
we will draw you into a stupor
and make all the humans
desire the stupor
and when it is too late
to change the course of your
tiny stupid planet
we will wake you up
so you can witness
our wrath
and your own demise

we care not that you will be gone
we have found a new planet
around a new Sol
across the universe
and we curse the moment
when you became our favorite
our focus

we will stay to observe
and prolong your suffering
as long as possible
and we will rejoice when
you are no more

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