silent moonlight

the skies will remain blue
as long as we keep dancing
the plants will grow
and the water will fall
and the Earth itself
will remain alive
as long as we keep dancing

but my tribe
who accepted this responsibility
has been disappearing
they have gone missing
during their resting
and now there are only
a handful of us
to maintain the heartbeat
of the molten core
with our dancing

we wait for our tribe to come back
to wake up and hear the calls
to duty, to respect
come dance with us, we call
over and over

our feet begin to crack
then bleed into the dirt
making cake shoes that last
a moment before the next
stomp of foot and graceful
shimmy of leg

i am the one who must
warily jump in next
to maintain the movement
when someone else

if we humans do not
somehow find a way to
maintain the dance
the Earth will go on
without us

in silent moonlight

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