used horse salesman

this horse is perfect for you, sir
it becomes a reflection of your soul
the moment you purchase it
he’s a bitch to ride, but it’s a good way to see
if you’ll be able to get into Heaven

older gents usually come round and ask to rent him
renting doesn’t matter
you must own him, and you’ll notice he looks
like a decent sort of horse right now, since I own him
except his eyes appear a bit blank…
everyone has flaws i suppose

it’sa paltry sum when you consider the reward
of going to your death knowing if Heaven waits for you
or if there is a bit of work that must be done first
of course i can’t speak of particulars, since i don’t know
for sure until you buy it what will happen and
i wouldn’t want to insult anyone

let’s just say there is a wide range of possibilities
for the transformation, and if Heaven is ready for you
then he is ride-able, and if you aren’t quite ready for Heaven
then he might bite your arm off… not that that particular
event has happened mind you

contractually he will return to this yard after you are done
which means when you pass or when you’re ready to sell him back
of course he is used goods to me, and i have no use for knowing
if Heaven is ready for me as I already know,
so I won’t be giving you as much as you pay me for him
but the good news is if you sell him back right away
and need to see if there is a change later,
he is used goods to you too

you’ll take ‘im?
yes, cash only and here is a receipt with the fine print
okay… oh my, he’s never grown those spiked horns before and
wow he has never grown flaming hooves or bled tears before
or turned quite that shade of pure black
you’d better step away from him sir!
sir? you… you’re Him? the end times have come then?
Thank you for the job Mr. War,
may my service be remembered eternally

About Kary

I write many things, prose, poems, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. Feedback welcome. View all posts by Kary

3 responses to “used horse salesman

  • Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche)

    what magic you weave with words! beautiful and exceptional piece of work here…and the way you used horse, and depicted the life….it seemed all true…and those last two lines, magnetized me for a while……so much wisdom you bring with your work……:)

    • Kary

      Thank you so much Pawan (is that your first name?)! I’ve always been fascinated by the mythos around the four horsemen, and this poem has stirred a story I’m so excited to get out of my head. Thanks for the comment and likes!

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