house the size of a gazebo

my house was perfect
they said it was the size of a gazebo
but i always thought it was
white paint, blue trim
who ever heard of a gazebo with blue trim?

i asked the city if i could
paint the fire hydrant
next to my house
and they told me specific
colors only, but
white and blue were two of them
that day made me so happy

those rich bastards at the bank
one day called and said
i owed them money
i’m a leprechaun, and a squatter
i knew i owed no one money
and i also knew i could give them
more gold and wealth than they had
every dreamed of in their greedy bastard heads

i decided to play a game
my favorite kind of game
with my gold on one side
and their karma on the other

i think they have a contract with
one of the demons from the fifth circle
usually those are lawyers
and they guessed my true nature
i can’t stay on property
but they also wanted their karma
greedy bastards
so i can rent the place and visit to collect
that crap paper ‘money’

i’ve seen lots of monsters, crooks, and bastards
in my time, but when you’re contracted with demons
lawyer demons from the fifth circle
you’ve topped my scary list

small boarded up house, with a tiny for rent sign above the porch, grass and trees in background, blue and white fire hydrant in foreground

image titled "For rent" by Whatknot on flickr

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