the bowl in the destroyed kitchen

the bowl of tomatoes was gross
it was slimy looking and it looked
nothing like tomatoes but
it smelled like tomatoes and the
recipe next to the bowl in the
destroyed kitchen said
‘self crushing tomatoes’

i’ve seen crime scenes that can
turn a rookie’s stomach into a
projectile vomiting machine
gruesome is too kind a word
for the harsh reality of
massacres like this

but it’s been years since my stomach turned
this wasn’t a human murderer
and it’s been years since we thought we took
care of that ‘problem’

monstrous scratches
gashes i guess i’d call them
out of the brand name marble flooring
and counters, and the dark hardwood cabinets
progressively more bloody

it’s like the rage increased the closer
the monster got to the tomatoes
but there was no blood around
the tomatoes

three family members decapitated
their monitoring package says it
happened in the same moment
and they were all running away
from the tomatoes in this bowl

perhaps this is a New Guardian,
a breed we haven’t awoken before
but why now? why this family?
looks like i’ll be called to lead
another crusade against them
poor devils

crushed tomatoes

image titled "Self crushed tomatoes" by suanie on flickr

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