Monthly Archives: April 2012

+May I? Project

To help keep myself motivated to write everyday, I participate in monthly projects with image or word prompts every day. This blog (which is one of three I write and post to) has, historically, been scary and dark. I will now also add the sexy-time stuff, which is what +May I? is about. All month +Bliss Morgan (on Google+) will post image prompts. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Just letting everyone subscribed to this blog know; sexy content will be appearing throughout May. Hopefully my posts will range from innocent and barely sexy, to intense sexy (NSFW, nudity, sex acts, etc.). We’ll see what pops out. 🙂

cheerful imaginings

striped yellow and white door
it is a beacon in dark times
the yellow siding says a happy ‘hiya’
and the doormat says welcome

striped yellow and white door
white column framing
innocent details that
put a person at ease

striped yellow and white door
counts how many bodies
have gone into the home
but never come back out

striped yellow and white door
dreams of becoming so densely striped
it appears cream colored
the house it possesses
whimpers with forced

inspired by this photo