Monthly Archives: May 2012

These are her size, thank you!

the sexiest and funniest thing
i’ve ever seen
at a lingerie store a clerk helped a man
find the right size by allowing him
to cup her breast
which was only in a shiny bustier

he gently held one for a moment then
got embarrassed
quickly withdrew his hand
shaking his head
he didn’t know

she grabbed his hand
forced him to grab her breast
pressed her body against his
and whispered something in his ear

he turned red, and looked down
at her breasts
smiled, then nodded
“These are her size, thank you!”

the clerk proceeded to slap him
“You’ll never forget her size now.”
he quickly bought the item
and left the store
with a raging hard on
and a red cheek

blinded by him

he wanted me there
sent the car around
picked me up right at 8pm

blinded by love
lust, greed,
blinded by him
i went

i wore what he wanted
the black lace
garter belt
high heels
nothing else
i didn’t care
i just wanted to see
the fire light up
in his eyes

the only thing
he requested was
the shotgun
and i brought it
like the obedient-
i brought it

the driver didn’t flinch at all
just opened the door
politely closed it behind me
drove there silently
without eye contact

i arrived
black curls intact
got out of the car
he greeted me with a kiss
took the shotgun
laid it on the table
and proceeded to
kiss me longer than
he ever had
whispered sweet nothings
and i willingly gave him
everything he wished for
with a smile and a quivering hope
there would be more
‘again’ is all i dared mutter

he helped me back into the lace
and garter belt
which had ended up strewn around

as i rode off
in the same care
i heard the shotgun
and cried

the beat up radio

ride me like a hurricane
plays on the beat up radio
as the night time lamp
clicks on outside

tatami mat on the hard wood floor
doesn’t bother him as
they both undress and lay down
clothes land in a blurry heap
the heat making each move count

they passionately wrestle
deeply kiss, grope everything
taste everything
she finally wins, on top

they begin slowly
their rhythm already matched
kissing, caressing, carefully building
until neither can stand it
he grabs her hips
and she rides him

the hurricane claims them
at the same time
carries them to cloud nine
little deaths

mingle our essence

oh god please
tie me up
let’s do it again
blind fold me with
hold me down a little
the soft black nylon stockings
just like that
rub your beard along my skin
let me kiss you there
make my insides melt
mingle our essence
catch my soul on fire

our new home

we hunted for a house
we knew exactly what we wanted
a bath tub big enough
to make love in

we had finally saved a decent down payment
years of scrimping, avoiding Starbucks
we didn’t care about much
mostly a bath tub big enough
to make love in

our Realtor kept asking us
why we rejected this house or that one
after the 4th weekend of nice homes
we told her
we want a bath tub big enough
to make love in

her eyes lit up “I know just the place.”
we fell in love with the small home
and the huge bathtub
our Realtor gave us a bubble bath basket
with our keys, paperwork all signed

the first thing we did, turned on the water
ran it just right with lavender bubbles
filling the house with anticipation
then we climbed in, made love
and enjoyed our bath tub
which certainly was big enough
to make love in

naked yoga

like a swan
gracefully they swim
through the air
controlled serenity
never too muscular
flexibility is the key

they uncaring pose
photo or not
focused on the moment

naked yoga makes it all
look so easy, pure

shouldn’t we all
feel that way
about our skin?

just to dance

she is my beautiful puppet
on a satin string
one string is all i need

she dances and seduces
she stretches and practices
she is my muse, and creation

her performances are mine
for me alone, and she smiles
her mona lisa smile of knowing

i think the thing between us
the ballerina string between us
is what others call love

it’s too physical, too primal
too delicate and pure to be
in the same league as melodrama

i pull her as much as she pulls me
the satin string covers our mouths
but our eyes are filled with depths

we dance together, naked even
but never more than dance
it’s powerful enough just to dance