Test of the Cherry

     Mistress strode around the classroom. Anne was the only student present. Anne knelt in the middle of the cool tile floor, naked, wearing only her leather collar. She kept her gaze on the corner, where the walls and floor met. She knew she performed well, because Mistress had not corrected her yet.
     “Any well disciplined person can sit, for hours if required, and patiently wait for gratification. It doesn’t matter if it is a minor thing, or the most important event in the world. Discipline and patience are a powerful combination. Do you agree, Anne?” Mistress said.
     Anne thought for a moment before she replied, “Yes, Mistress.”
     “What crossed your mind before you answered?” Mistress said.
     “Is there a right answer? What do I feel? Do I agree?” Anne said without hesitation.
     “Those are good thoughts, well done pet,” Mistress said.
     Immediately Anne threw herself onto the floor, rolled over on her back with her legs and arms in the air like a dog. She wiggled like she had a tail to wag. She made sure to keep her head turned, her eyes on the wall. She did this all with a grin.
     “You have learned much,” Mistress said with amusement. “Do you like cherries?”
     Anne nodded her head, and wiggled her body harder.
     “Sit,” Mistress said.
     Anne quickly, as gracefully as she could, got back into a seated position.
     “Here is a cherry. Sam will hold it right in front of your face for a long as this takes. The longer you deny yourself the cherry, the shorter amount of time you will owe Sam. If you refuse the cherry until I return, you will owe Sam nothing. You may ask one question before I leave,” Mistress said.
     “Would it please you, Mistress, if I refused the cherry until you return?” Anne said.
     “Very much, but no student has passed this, and I know you’ve heard stories of Sam,” Mistress said. She reached out and gently touched Anne’s cheek, which made Anne gasp. Mistress rarely touched students.

image titled "Sensual" by ~Riezu on deviantart

Continued here.

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