Test of the Cherry (cont.)

     Sam looked around the room, and slowly took a deep breath. He closed his eyes as he exhaled. “She was having unauthorized relations with another student,” Sam said. “The Mistress herself discovered them, being intimate, in one of the secluded coves around the waterfall, when they were supposed to be cleaning.”
     “Being intimate?” Anne said with a smirk.
     “Yes, that is what Mistress called it, and she managed to make it sound dirty,” Sam said. “It was weird to see Laury even partially clothed. She had taken a garter belt, hose, heels, and a hat from the props department.

vintage couple cuddles in risque pose on park bench, lady showing legs and garters

image titled “Risque 03_quaddles” by *quaddles on deviantart

The way Mistress dressed down Laury, with minute details of the scene, made it sound like a romantic moment in a silent naughty film. Her legs had been posed, and she had been clinging to the other student. Mistress punished Laury not only for unauthorized relations, not only for borrowing without permission, but also for choosing a sub-par student to do it with. The boy was dismissed immediately in front of Laury and myself. Laury was handed over to me, and I was given strict instructions,” Sam said, his jaw set. He carefully switched the cherry to his other arm, maintaining the placement in front of Anne’s mouth.
     “I’ve not seen the Mistress angry before. I mean she pretends angry sometimes, but it sounds awful,” Anne said.
     “Laury was to be publicly spanked, and made to orgasm in front of the senior students. I had as much time as it took. Mistress said Laury was a difficult case to get truly worked up,” Sam said. He paused before he continued, “She was shaking like a leaf, as I striped her of the props. It was all she could do not to cry. I was gentle, and as gentleman like as I could be. I led her, by the hand, down to the Spectacle Room. If you haven’t been yet, the main stage is surrounded by smaller booths, which of course were full of people. Mistress whispered to me, during my instructions, there was a special implement waiting on the center stage. I was to spank, then fuck Laury with it. I was permitted an erection, if I choose, but no personal physical pleasure beyond.”
     “I think I know what waited for you,” Anne said.
     “The lighting in the room is very dramatic, and the fabrics and carpet are all deep red. The audience is lit as well, but not as brightly as the stage. What waited for us was a special oar, the flat part had holes for spanking ease, and the top of the handle was smooth and slightly phallus shaped. I got down on one knee, in front of the packed Spectacle Room, and made Laury bend over my knee, like a little kid. I was trying to allow her to hide her face, but I don’t think it helped. I began to tap her bottom slowly with the paddle, because I am not practiced, and know better than to start too fast. I also refuse to leave welts unless the receiver is enjoying it. The first smack sound made Laury gasp, but I knew from experience it was not a gasp of pain. I kept the spanks off-rhythm, but it was difficult to keep them a surprise to her, since she was over my knee. When she began to arch her back, I told her to remain on her hands and knees, and I stood up. I walked all around her, striking her firm bottom from all angles, she truly didn’t know when one would land. She gasped, moaned, arched her back, and eventually began to plead for more. She writhed without a spank, and offered her tush in alluring ways based on where I walked. I then began to tease her with the phallus end. I carefully rubbed the outer layers of her sex, up and down her thighs. I tried to warm the wood up before I attempted anything more. Occasionally I would spank her with the other end. I could tell she was close to tears with need, desire, and part of me felt sorry for her. Part of me wanted to make her beg, make her cry, because it’s what she needed, and what Mistress would have done. I used Laury with that oar until we both were so exhausted, we could hardly stand. She cried and begged before she got to orgasm, in front of more than 20 people. What I didn’t know was it was also filmed and broadcast across the whole campus.”
     “That’s how he knew,” Anne said.
     “Yeah, the asshole started calling her Oary, and taunted her for enjoying it with an oar more than a man. He was dismissed for cruelty within a couple of weeks, but the nickname stuck. I didn’t do any of it because of my own disappointment, I did it because it is what Mistress would have done. Since then, students shy away from me,” Sam said with a shrug. “Not that I blame them or think that story is the only reason.”

Continued here.

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