Test of the Cherry (cont.)

     “Think of all the energy focused on this one little cheery. Mistress chose it, you’ve held it for hours, the attendant made sure nothing happened to it, plus all my own attention and energy. It’s all been focused on this one tiny bit of fruit,” Anne said.
     “I’ve never thought of it like that, doesn’t that make it more tasty?” Sam said.
     “It might, but I’m thinking it would make it even more potent for an aphrodisiac. It would have it’s own nature appeal, plus the energy of all of us, just waiting to be enjoyed, tasted, tantalized. The anticipation it must feel…” Anne said.
     “Good attempt but-” Sam said.
     Mistress walked in. “You have succeeded this test, Anne. I have waited for a long while for a student that turned the tables, and thought on their feet. You may consider this the notification of Collar Gift. Sam also may consider this notification that you are the Master for him, and I can train you as you continue his training under my tutelage. You both have three days, in which you are free citizens to wander and experience the Campus for yourselves, including privacy. I would encourage you both to explore each other, for the offer to Sam is dependant, of course, on Anne’s acceptance of my offer. You will be trained together, if you both accept, and would be offered as a couple. We don’t have many graduates that have that certification, and you would be in high demand simply for that. Your time starts after I offer my gift to you, Anne. I understand you used to watch your family use something like this?” Mistress summoned a servant, and she pulled the linen cover from the servants hands to reveal an amazing antique camera.
     “I would kindly suggest you use it to give your gift to Sam, if you are both willing. Your time starts now, and you should both present yourselves to my office in exactly three days with your answers,” Mistress said. She left them, and the servant followed.
     “I… um,” Sam stammered.
     “Where is the biggest mirror?” Anne said.
     “There is one from floor to ceiling in the Performance Wing,” Sam said.
     “Will you take a picture with me to commemorate this moment?” Anne said.
     “Yes,” Sam said breathlessly.
     They made their way hand in hand, through the halls and passed other students and teachers. The whispers followed them, and they both understood how fast news travels. They entered the Performance Wing, and found the Mirror Room. Anne smiled because it had privacy capabilities.
     “Do you mind if this is private?” Anne said.
     “I would be honored,” Sam said with a smile. They both moved to set the screens over the windows and lock the doors.
     “As far as I’m concerned, I trust Mistress, and I like you. I’m willing to consider the offer of Gifting. What are your feelings?” Sam said.
     “I feel a whirlwind inside. I am pleased, honored, and scared. I was expecting a longer service before choosing my Master. But the Mistress herself? How could I refuse? Plus a beautiful, kind man as a co-learner and a Gifted Collar in the mix? I am more than willing to consider it, and my answer for today is yes. Let’s see how the next two days go, and spend as much time as we can stand together?” Anne said.
     Sam nodded agreement, and said, “Do you have a pose in mind?”
     “I do, here, let me set up the camera, stand behind me,” Anne said.

image creator unknown

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