If it rains on the way home…

     “If it rains on the way home, you can have your way with me tonight,” Zem said, her heels clicked on concrete as they walked.
     “You don’t believe I can cast spells?” Thippel said, as he shook his head.
     It was late in the evening, and they had just got done dining with friends. Neither of them had drank too much, and they pleasantly walked hand in hand.
     “No, I have never seen you do anything miraculous, or cast any spell,” Zem said with a smile.
     “You are throwing down the gauntlet then? Of course you haven’t seen. If you had seen, it wouldn’t be a secret, right?” Thippel said.
     “It’s a joke or hoax or something mischievous. It does make you seem more mysterious… or perhaps crazy. I haven’t decided for sure,” Zem said.
     “Why rain?” Thippel said.
     “It’s a clear night, so it would have to be specific to your wishes. It’s not like it would be out of the ordinary for a summer storm to form, but rain was not forecast,” Zem said, then shrugged. “Besides, I like rain.”
     “Rain it is,” Thippel said. He pulled Zem into a small alley between two brown stones, and he whispered into her ear. She didn’t understand anything he said, but gasped when large raindrops fell onto her exposed shoulders.
     “How did you?” Zem said.
     Instead of an answer, Thippel kissed her passionately. The rain began to fall heavier. Zem responded with passion of her own and soon they were entangled, Zem against the wall, Thippel tugged at her clothes with his teeth.
     “Won’t people see?” Zem said, half heartedly, lost in the moment.
     “Through this downpour? If they glimpse us, it will be as they run inside,” Thippel said, and moved his kisses down under her chin, to her throat.
     “But,” Zem said. The rain seemed to get even thicker, and she gave up caring.
     “I could stop, and we could calmly-” Thippel said playfully.
     “Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” Zem said. She felt the heat rise from within her, and set her blood on fire. The rain blanketed them in water and sound.

image by unknown

     Thippel worked his hands up under her dress, and kissed her nipples through the wet clothes. She gasped and grasped at him, not quite sure what she wanted except she didn’t want him to stop.
     He cast another spell that gave him a strength boost, which would make this next move easier. He lowered his shoulder to her hip, and moved one of her knees over his back. He then moved her other knee over his back, and carefully stood up, her back braced on the brick wall. He wrapped his arms up, to help support her, and continued to explore over her clothes.
He kissed his way up her thighs, and faced her wet sex. The rain had drenched them so much that even her tiny undies were wet. She raised her skirts over his head, to give him a tiny umbrella, and she moaned as he had lifted her.
     “Oh please don’t stop,” Zem said quietly.
     He used his tongue to faintly trace her inner lips, hinting at the pleasure she was about to experience. She moved her hips slightly, from desire and he placed his hands under her bottom.
     As he moved in to slowly begin tracing, nibbling and sucking, he began to hum her favorite song. For the next few minutes, his world became her pleasure, and her world melted into sweet oblivon.
     He watched her, with a magicians eye, as she orgasmed against the brick wall, and fought her instincts to voice her pleasure. He smiled in satisfaction.
Gently he lowered her, so she could stand on her own. “You turned me into jelly, thank you,” Zem said.
“You can thank me once we are home and dried off,” Thippel said.
She smiled and raised her head, opened her mouth to drink some rain.
“I truly think I could train you to use magic. You have enough power,” Thippel said as he pulled her back onto the side walk.
“For the first time, I believe you,” Zem said, and cuddled into his side as they walked home in the rain.

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