Aliens Who ‘Smoke’

     My god, it’s so easy to fake out humans.
     She held her “cigarette” just like she was shown, and exhaled into is face. The smoke held him with a trace spell, and even though the smell was awful, he was hooked. She had put her own twist on the spell, which added a layer of pleasure. The deeper the trance, the more pleasure. She had been lucky to find the street bench at just the point.
     Her “tribal tattoo” flexed on her arm, as she hunted around his pockets for the next set of instructions. Corporate espionage and infiltration as too easy on Earth. She may give it up soon. Maybe. Easy money was, well, easy.
     She found the crystal in the lining of his leather jacket. She noticed he had a raging erection as she un-straddled him. She turned her back and cast a spell to read the crystal.
     “You must form a bond and create a partnership with Jack. Timetable is years for payoff. Do you accept this job?”
     The equivalent of a cursor waited for her to cast her response. She knew at best she had 12 hours to decide, at worse she had about an hour.
     If she could find it within herself to be truly attracted to him, she might be able to pull it off. It hadn’t even occurred to her to look at him through human eyes. Or to see if he had pleasant manor-isms. She could always put him in a trance, that would calm him. She knew, from experience, that was really boring, and a little cruel for any creature.
     She checked her hair in a store window across the tiny dirt road, nodded with approval at her mussed hair. This small town had enough street lights to illuminate a stadium. She turned back to Jack, and dismissed her trance. He shook his head, and looked up at her. The moment he made eye contact with her he smiled.
     “You seem happy to see me,” she said.
     “Oh, I am of course, but usually not this happy,” Jack said and attempted the cover his tent casually with his arm.
     “I like it,” she said and straddled him again.
     “It’s not very gentleman like, I’m sorry,” Jack said.
     “That is so sweet,” she said. She reached out both her hands and pulled his body into hers as she kissed him. They both reacted slowly, with a slow passion. She had never taken the time to experience human sexuality. Suddenly she understood why human assignments were so rare and didn’t pay as well usually, there were a whole set of perks she had missed.
     Jack slowly pushed her away, and looked up into her eyes. “I am willing to do whatever you do or don’t want to do, but I don’t feel right doing it here in the street. Even this early in the morning. Can we go somewhere?”
     “You go on ahead to this hotel, where I’m staying. I have to make a call first,” she said and handed him the hotel business card.
     He stood, and walked very dignified toward the hotel just around the corner. She turned back to the lay line crossroads and cast the “accept the job” response. She was looking forward to experimenting with Jack, as only humans “experiment.”

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