The Room of a Thousand Dildos

she had dreamed of this day
the training and foreplay
the toil and struggle
she wanted to become the best
and here she was

she had found THE room
The Room of a Thousand Dildos
her payoff was at hand
she faced them, and focused
performed her first pose
the room cleared
a fresh set of dildo’s appeared
all erect, expectant
she assumed batteries included

she performed her second pose
muttered her favorite sexy phrase
“let me she your beautiful eyes”
in her most sexy voice
and the room cleared again
her heart jumped
this last set would hold her
Companion Dildo
an accessory she would be pleased with
for the rest of her life

her thrid pose was the most controlled
and she yelled “More!” as she focused
on her favorite sexy times
slowly, perhaps only to her
the dildo’s winked out of existence
until there was only one

and it was her favorite color

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