just to dance

she is my beautiful puppet
on a satin string
one string is all i need

she dances and seduces
she stretches and practices
she is my muse, and creation

her performances are mine
for me alone, and she smiles
her mona lisa smile of knowing

i think the thing between us
the ballerina string between us
is what others call love

it’s too physical, too primal
too delicate and pure to be
in the same league as melodrama

i pull her as much as she pulls me
the satin string covers our mouths
but our eyes are filled with depths

we dance together, naked even
but never more than dance
it’s powerful enough just to dance

About Kary

I write many things, prose, poems, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. Feedback welcome. View all posts by Kary

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