blinded by him

he wanted me there
sent the car around
picked me up right at 8pm

blinded by love
lust, greed,
blinded by him
i went

i wore what he wanted
the black lace
garter belt
high heels
nothing else
i didn’t care
i just wanted to see
the fire light up
in his eyes

the only thing
he requested was
the shotgun
and i brought it
like the obedient-
i brought it

the driver didn’t flinch at all
just opened the door
politely closed it behind me
drove there silently
without eye contact

i arrived
black curls intact
got out of the car
he greeted me with a kiss
took the shotgun
laid it on the table
and proceeded to
kiss me longer than
he ever had
whispered sweet nothings
and i willingly gave him
everything he wished for
with a smile and a quivering hope
there would be more
‘again’ is all i dared mutter

he helped me back into the lace
and garter belt
which had ended up strewn around

as i rode off
in the same care
i heard the shotgun
and cried

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