mingle our essence

oh god please
tie me up
let’s do it again
blind fold me with
hold me down a little
the soft black nylon stockings
just like that
rub your beard along my skin
let me kiss you there
make my insides melt
mingle our essence
catch my soul on fire

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8 responses to “mingle our essence

  • barefoot sandwell

    nicely mingled πŸ™‚ and hot!

    • Kary

      How did you interpret the alternate lines (aside from hot)?

      • barefoot sandwell

        I don’t know if this was *right* (hey, it’s poetry, there *are* no right answers!), but … as one complete story/session told by “your” point of view.

        Or rather, the odd-numbered lines come first (let’s do it again, hold me down a little), and then, after ‘mingle our essense’, the story continues with the even numbered-lines (tie me up, make my insides melt).

        I initially tried to see it as the same thing from two different people’s aspects, but both sets of lines sounded submissive to me rather than one taking control and one giving control.


      • Kary

        I imagined them a two sides of the same situation, but had not really solidified if they were two people, or thoughts vs. words spoken by one person… was curious how you viewed it πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing.

  • basma

    love it! im not much into poetry but i like how this was written. i took it as 2 different poems, meshed together to make one.

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