Daily Archives: July 18, 2012

the end of the party

help us
they have trapped us
in honey and glue
to light their party

they sang our favorite song
and filled the place
with wonderful smells
and intoxicated food

for weeks they have
whispered to our dreams
that our perfect mates
lay waiting for us
in the bottom of the jars
we laid down next to the perfect forms
and woke up to this nightmare

we are stuck to the jars
each of us have struggled
each of us still stuck
and once the party is over
once the humans go home
we know, with the sinking feeling
of someone drowning,
that we are components in some larger evil
and the honey-glue has
weakened us

you must come help us
before they revert
to their powerful forms
before the end of the party

image found on tumblr

of all the mortals

of all the mortals in the world
i call you to me
i have the heart
to accept you
as you are
i have the sight to see

of all the mortals in the world
i yearn to see you
i trust in your existence
and i call you to me
through flame and knowledge
through love and trust
and through time

of all the mortals in the world
i know your moment of ending
has arrived in the future
i have seen it, felt it, know it
and i could have helped
come to me to learn the secret

i want to save you

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romanticize the monster

most people think i’m wealthy
i let them, no manor of
illusion or boredom could
encourage me to set the record straight
to argue with an imbecile
is to become one

most people think i’m immortal
nothing is immortal
the stars die to give life
the universes will
one day far in the future
die off, and darkness will reign
and then one day that too will end

most people think i’m
a beautiful, languid creature
long neck, spiked back,
clawed and winged
or that i can change into
an image of perfect beauty
in their own image
what a human thought

i am much more
and much less
than the hopes and fears
attached to the utterance
of my form
and i have come before you
to ask for help

image found on tumblr