Daily Archives: July 19, 2012

i just dont know

i hear The Car
the one i’ve dreaded
all my life
the off beat rumble
sets me teeth on edge
but it’s too late

i hear The Car door
shut, just as she always
used to do it
somewhere between a slam
and a gentle shut
the perfect balance
between power and confidence

i hear The Swagger
her walk reflecting
that fucked up confidence
the jingle of her keys
as she swings them
up over her hand
up back over her hand
but it’s too late

she is here for something
and i dont care
she wants or worse
she needs
and i don’t care
it’s too late

if ever i wished
for something to be different
really different
it would be for magical powers
before we opened the door

i just dont know
if i would wish for
the power to reach her heart
or the to kill her heart
once and for all

maybe in her case
it would be the same thing