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they stared at the moon

their childish teasing silent
their giggles and laughter dead
their slaughtered innocence
made them creatures of hardness
hearts black as dried blood
on a black dog

the meadow around them silent
predators being born
as they stared at the moon

they become masters and monsters
but inside there were just
three little girls
wishing for normal lives

Sisterwives (for Bottleneck Gallery)

inspired by image found on tumblr titled “Sisterwives (for Bottleneck Gallery)”

Some guy in the mail room.

That’s him.
With the bird?
Yeah, it’s name is Mr. Garabaldi.
He named his pet?
Why is this such a shock?
He is a monster. I guess I just assumed…
I thought you knew better. Each incarnation is complex, unique, and used to be human.
I know. I guess his cruelty influenced me.
His preference for eyes is… disturbing.
I find the children the most disturbing. Did you hear about that kid last week?
I did. Tragic, to say the least. That’s why we’re here.
He is right around the corner. You have the holy water?
Of course. The satellite ready?
Yeah, shh.

image found on tumblr

The holy water dropped from the roof.
He froze as it covered his skull, no holy water was strong enough to end him.
The light bounced from suspended space mirror to mirror, down to the small side street.
He turned to dust as he lit up.
The bird flew away.

What did we do before the mirrors?
Battle. Long drawn out battle.
Do you know who is next in line?
Some guy in the mail room.
How long will he last?
Maybe he’ll be the one that is un-corruptible.
You’re an optimist now?
I believe in the prophecy. One day there will be an un-corruptible Death, and once he has reined for 100 years, the end days will come.
And we can finally sleep. Amen.

she used to lay in the grass

it had been so long
since he began the hunt
his field of enemies
lay empty – emptied by his own hand
the satisfaction still eluded him

a whiff of summer fields
from over the hill
away from the silent battlefield
reminded him of her hair
the way she used to lay in the grass
her hair spread out
she loved how it moved with the grass
gentle waves of breeze

he hadn’t thought of her
or his life before
and suddenly he felt
old, wasted… used up

he wondered if he had ever been worthy
of that young woman’s love

image found on tumblr

i want to be her dress

i bet she dances great
all the heat and passion
of a gypsy in an argument
force of nature with rhythm

she has the right kind of
selfish twinkle in her eye
she knows how to get what she wants
she knows how to make herself happy
and in the process,
you’ll enjoy it too

she knows how to make that material
curl, bend, and flatter
i wish i was that dress

image found on tumblr

temporary smoke screen

the bees are coming
i know, i can hear
menacing hum of busy wings
they rule our lives

dawn arrives soon
but i must find him
he ran out lastnight
after i said he could play
by the water
and i have to find him
before the sun comes up
before the bees…

image from tumblr

unique shine

each one set individually
bits for my zipper eyes
that’s the level of detail
i was made with

care and craftmanship
in each organ, each cell
either selected and harvested
or created just for me

but my favorite are my
zipper eyes, no one else
has them, only me
and they shine in the moonlight

image from tumblr

into the dirty street

it draped, hung from his
rocking shoulders
the silent sobs
fell into the city street
like waves of heat
everyone shied away
turned their back
avoided inviting the cruel pain
into their own hearts

he sat alone
comforted by nothing
time stood still as he
felt the shock
imagined it over and over
each time he gasped
tears no long stung,
they just fell

into the dirty street

image found on tumblr