Some guy in the mail room.

That’s him.
With the bird?
Yeah, it’s name is Mr. Garabaldi.
He named his pet?
Why is this such a shock?
He is a monster. I guess I just assumed…
I thought you knew better. Each incarnation is complex, unique, and used to be human.
I know. I guess his cruelty influenced me.
His preference for eyes is… disturbing.
I find the children the most disturbing. Did you hear about that kid last week?
I did. Tragic, to say the least. That’s why we’re here.
He is right around the corner. You have the holy water?
Of course. The satellite ready?
Yeah, shh.

image found on tumblr

The holy water dropped from the roof.
He froze as it covered his skull, no holy water was strong enough to end him.
The light bounced from suspended space mirror to mirror, down to the small side street.
He turned to dust as he lit up.
The bird flew away.

What did we do before the mirrors?
Battle. Long drawn out battle.
Do you know who is next in line?
Some guy in the mail room.
How long will he last?
Maybe he’ll be the one that is un-corruptible.
You’re an optimist now?
I believe in the prophecy. One day there will be an un-corruptible Death, and once he has reined for 100 years, the end days will come.
And we can finally sleep. Amen.

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