Monthly Archives: September 2012

let me float away

let me float away
from the crime, disease, lies
let me become the seed
carried by the wind
oblivious, tiny
my one mission to propagate life

my purpose, duty, sanity
forbid me the pleasure
of claiming ignorance my friend
consuming and being entertained
i must hunt them down
one and all

but some nights
when the world weighs me down
i want to float away
disappear and have the veil lift
to glimpse the future
see what lays beyond
and know

the king of evil

the king of evil
must exist somewhere
i’ve met the queen of evil
and she lives up to the name

she manipulated, tortured, inflicted
paranoid thoughts on everyone
she did drugs, which didn’t help the paranoia
she did everything short of murder
since i extracated myself from her influence
she may have even gone that far
i wouldn’t put it past her

but i guess i wonder
if she is alone in the world
an evil creature doomed to evilness
or if there is a king of evil
for competition?
i dont believe she could
find or embrace

sexy weather

image from flickr (found on tumblr)

i want to kiss your skin
as the sun touches the tips
whisps of heat rise
and the joyous drops
collect everyplace
i kiss your lovely skin

i want to collect each drop
savor them, worship them,
cherish them as peices of
our love, melded together
in a pool, a stream, an ocean

i want your exhale to create
the clouds, each excited tremble
a small peak to reach up
toward the moon, and our star

i want to kiss your skin

hole in the forest

forest path

inspired by image found on tumblr

there once was a hole in the forest
mean monsters and fairies collide
to everyone’s surprise
they danced in the moonlight
and did naughty things
but only on midsummer’s night
and no one ever spoke of it
without becoming outcast

the rumour in the forest
is that is how humans were made
they are half fairy, half monster
and it’s clear which side
of the gene pool is winning

one eye belongs to me

one eye belongs to me
he tries to blink
but i force his lid open
he can of course turn his head
but one day i’ll be able
to control that too
for now i know the spell worked
and i can watch her house
without anyone knowing

i put food the crow likes
by her house
so it keeps going back
and the spell alerta me when
he is close to her

i don’t care what he does
with the rest of his animal existence
but court orders
have no mention of magic
and i can still see her
watch her
love her

Lone Crow on a branch

inspired by image titled “Lone Crow” by Trish+Brian on wordpress