one eye belongs to me

one eye belongs to me
he tries to blink
but i force his lid open
he can of course turn his head
but one day i’ll be able
to control that too
for now i know the spell worked
and i can watch her house
without anyone knowing

i put food the crow likes
by her house
so it keeps going back
and the spell alerta me when
he is close to her

i don’t care what he does
with the rest of his animal existence
but court orders
have no mention of magic
and i can still see her
watch her
love her

Lone Crow on a branch

inspired by image titled “Lone Crow” by Trish+Brian on wordpress

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I write many things, prose, poems, prose, flash fiction, and novels. I've always loved the free form poem, and practice it most often. Feedback welcome. View all posts by Kary

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