The Trouble of Science and Religion mixing (or why to listen to the scientist while exploring a new planet.)

image by shanegorski on Flickr

Can’t you see? Your use of this structure is misguided.
No, I don’t see it. And frankly I think you’re being a prat.
Look, here and here, all these beams are legs. The center is where the body sits.
So what, you’re saying a giant spider will come and eat us during service?
Don’t you think it’s suspicious that there are eight beams with segmented arches? Don’t you think the sizes all are too close for the math to be a coincidence? Not to mention the other structures. At least wait for the translations to come back.
You can wait all you like. The Bishop wanted you to share your concerns, which you have done. Now if you don’t mind I have to help finish cleaning the dust from the area so we can hold service this Sunday.
These ruins are not houses of worship. Their placement is all wrong. They are houses of rest for the dead, and I predict-
I don’t have time for this nonsense.

He was glad he had recorded the conversation.
As it played back in the courtroom, it echoed off the sterile marble walls and floors.
“I clear the scientist of all charges. He clearly attempted to warn the clergy, on more than one occasion, and the tragedy that followed could have been avoided had someone in the Church listened. No damages are to be awarded, and no sanctions raised. The church may hold the deeds to the property in question, but are hereby forbidden from holding services of any kind. The Court recognizes the evidence presented, and acknowledges the structures as grave markers. We will protect other cultures sacred sights as our own, according to the laws written.”

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