wicked witches should not live in wet climates

image titled “Swarming” on Flickr

each drop of rain
is a sliver under the skin
a stab of pain
a heart attack waiting to happen

wicked witches should live underground
or in deserts
but not in places that receive
year round rain

the good witches can prance around
in the fucking rain
but they can’t tame
as many beasts
or capture hearts in jars
i’d rather have the power

why did the coven insist
on moving here?
i’ve always known
she was mad as a hatter
but this threatens us all

maybe the ritual we will perform
will make the rain painful
for the good witches too
maybe it will transmute the pain
for everyone, not just witches

our coven could pull it off
even if half the rainy days
became swarm days, for example
it could be a new heaven
for our coven
i’m so excited now

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