the food chain

image by +Shelby Goatz on Google+

the basement was a disgrace
it was listed as ‘finished’
a cheap, badly painted cabinet
does not a finished basement make

i saw him in the corner
whimpering about being hungry
vampires are so irksome when
they shrivel up
he didn’t even have the balls
to come talk to me
and he wouldn’t have had the sense
to apologize for wasting my time

he just moaned in the corner
curled in a ball
and he smelled awful
like the last meal he had
was a desperate housewife or something

if i have to visit one more dreary basement
i’m going to make the markets pay
for wasting my time
it’s an epidemic
maybe next time i’ll introduce
capitalism into the food chain
sooner rather than wait for technology

let’s go to the next house
and see if humanity gets to
survive another day

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