it came to be know as the Death Barn

Image by +Pat Kight. on Google+

i knew i had to go in
but my legs wouldn’t move
my stomach fought my control
the smell threaten to turn my brains to mush

death hung around the barn
in a cloud of fumes
no one could mistake
the whole team waited for my move
and i had to master myself
but still my legs rebelled

“Hey boss, you want I should go in first?”
Lui called fromt he back of the crowd
i held my hand up for silence
and took a step further into the fog
of burnt flesh
rotten organs
and ritual magic
all of which fought in my brain
for supreme evilest smell

“Wait a minute, didn’t we create spell
to block these aromas?”
i called over my shoulder
“Yeah, but we have to wait
for the initial sweep, as smells tell us
as much as any other sense,” my doomed answer came

fuck me, i hate this work
i forced my body to obey
i walked and placed my hand
i pushed the giant creaky door open
waves of smells and lingering magic
crashed against me

i love this job

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