family secret

source unknown from Flickr

i never willingly showed anyone
my fashion was dictated by it
no one is supposed to have
an eye on their arm

i tried to lovingly label it
my third eye
but who was i kidding?
it’s an eye socket
along with tear ducks and lashes
no eye ball
no sight
although it does itch
in the morning sometimes

my family pretends it doesn’t exist
my boyfriends have never seen it
my doctor wouldn’t believe her eyes
but i live with it

the one person outside the family
who knows about it
is our preacher
and he calls me spawn
includes the word spawn in his sermons
and spends extra time blessing me
about once a month he asks
if my curse has ended yet
i just shake my head

no one knows
late at night
i can feel an eyeball there
wiggling around
and i have to physically hold
the lid shut to avoid seeing
the glowing red pupil
staring at me

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