beginning to blur

image by jeangoff on Flickr

every night her dream was the same
blood red reflection
uncharacteristic pose
barren landscape with winter trees
burnt sky that hung in the back of her throat
and the Gothic frame that she somehow knew
was cold enough to freeze skin

she watched herself be watched
someone with lust and power on their mind
wanted her to see, to feel the watched shiver
they showed her doing horrible things
to strangers every night, and afterwards always
this image frozen until she woke
like a snapshot of things to come

the voices during the day
had grown louder
and everywhere she looked
eyes, faces watched her
whispered her destiny

she doesn’t want to sleep anymore
but she doesn’t want to hallucinate
and the distinctions are beginning to blur

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I write many things, prose, poems, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. Feedback welcome. View all posts by Kary

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