Present for the Vampire that has Everything

image by davnull on Flickr

she had completed countless
elixirs of love and fame
buckets of alchemic
‘hay into gold’
and hundreds of invisibility,
flight, and even a few cures

her craft was highly guarded
she never advertised
and vetted every customer
through divine spells
and truth systems
redundant to hell and back

she finished the final touches
on the poison
the only one she had ever
accepted a commission for
it was so specific and the intent
of the purchaser
felt true somehow

every harmful creation
by design, could not harm her
she had contracts and lawyers
on retainer, just incase
but the potion itself
she knew
was her masterpiece
it seethed of death
darkness no light could reach
and pain, exquisite pain

she called it
‘Little Death”
because on top of all the other symptoms,
the imbiber would orgasm
to death

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