Daily Archives: October 14, 2017

2017 Nightmare Fuel Day 14

I stand and guard the house. I am important. I am needed.

They told me so.

Of course, they are the ones the cursed me into this ridiculous shape. A quirky mailbox with arms and legs. No body, no head, no eyes, but hey I get a laugh from the mailman. How can I see? I have no idea. I just sort of sense them, humans.

Dogs, cats and smaller creatures sort of tickle. Not a real threat. Humans are warm, glow with a lovely yellow/orange/pink, like a sunset. The ones I’m to raise a stink about are the hollow ones. That’s how I perceive them.

I can’t quite remember my human life, because it was boring. I can’t quite forget the good parts though. Ice cream, abandoning yourself on a dance floor, kissing, and clean sheets on the bed. Mailboxes don’t have a varied life, I can attest.


A brilliantly glowing woman arrived today, and I got a headache. They fled the house, those that changed me. I don’t have a word, a label for them. Always ‘they.’

The woman said ‘I claim your souls back from the Void!’

It was super mellow dramatic. But then the headache.

I woke and saw with eyes, had a body again. Disoriented.

There were hundreds of us strewn across the front lawn. They whispered and whimpered. One human for each item in the home, beds, sheets, microwave, plate, doormat. I suddenly felt proud to be a mailbox. Strange a little twisted. It’s not like I had a choice.

Void Chasers finally figured out where humans were disappearing into the homes controlled by the Void. Cities had been emptied before the ritual was perfected. This was the first home liberated. My lovely city, nearly a ghost town. One home a week could be liberated – it would take more than a year to clear the Void homes in this one city.


The real bomb happened when we realized our way of life was gone. No population, no groceries, no electricity, no water, no sewer, and most important, no internet. Half the cities in the US had been trapped, and it was like waking from a coma to find the zombie apocalypse happened.

The next realization, the Void continued to enslave humans. They could move faster than the Void Chasers could work.

Life was hopeless. I joined a group of humans as we hunted for the Void, to be transformed back to household items. Less painful, less stressful.