Daily Archives: October 20, 2017

2017 Nightmare Fuel Day 20

The loathsome cat stares at the mystery

I have to gather information, case history.

Shouting, stomping, scooping up and removing

None of it helped, it strolled back, disapproving.

Maybe there was enough, I got the ghost on audio,

Singing about domino’s, gambling and calypso.

Toys are curious, a rare fascination,

Slideshow of it walking toward new accommodation.

Fell on its plastic nose, not to move again,

The cat glares at it, full of disdain.

Old fashion VHS tape shows the door floated,

The cat watched it cross the hall, I noted.

It sits in the middle of the hall, like it knows,

I want it to go away, or at least doze.

It’s eyes never close, and it’s always sniffing,

They’ll say I’m scared of a cat, slipping.

The tiny mammal doesn’t care about my career,

Forefront of of Paranormal Studies, the frontier.

Any measurement I take while alone is repeatable,

Science says that’s unbeatable.

Stupid cat adds unpredictability,

The extra witness might improve ghost’s agility?

That’s it, that a testable theory,

Add more people, ghost becomes cheery?

Ghost becomes cheery and moves around more,

Can walk the toy and float the door.

The missing piece was always the cat,

I should put down a saucer of milk, nonfat.

What will they say back home when I admit

That mammal helped me, little shit.

It looks at me now, proud and regal,

I yell down the hall “Reading minds isn’t legal!”

Should I stay or should I go, stuck on repeat in my brain

The cat bops its head to the beat, profane.

Maybe it’s been the cat all along,

Further study needed, so long.