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i know i shouldn’t like him
but that smile
he just has to flash that smile
my insides melt
i become his plaything
and i know he likes me like that
all gooey and mold-able

i should grow a spine
be angry
but instead i watch it
urge the smile to reappear
like a flower that waits for the sun

i know how dangerous his life is
and how much danger i’m in
hanging around him
but how could i walk away
from those dimples
and sparkling eyes?

sexy weather

image from flickr (found on tumblr)

i want to kiss your skin
as the sun touches the tips
whisps of heat rise
and the joyous drops
collect everyplace
i kiss your lovely skin

i want to collect each drop
savor them, worship them,
cherish them as peices of
our love, melded together
in a pool, a stream, an ocean

i want your exhale to create
the clouds, each excited tremble
a small peak to reach up
toward the moon, and our star

i want to kiss your skin

i want to be her dress

i bet she dances great
all the heat and passion
of a gypsy in an argument
force of nature with rhythm

she has the right kind of
selfish twinkle in her eye
she knows how to get what she wants
she knows how to make herself happy
and in the process,
you’ll enjoy it too

she knows how to make that material
curl, bend, and flatter
i wish i was that dress

image found on tumblr

his icy imagination

all i wanted was the heat
to leave me be
i shivered with the thought
of his hands holding
ice cubes
mixed with the sweat on my skin

it’s fucking hot outside
and fucking hot inside
seeing him work in the tiny space
serve people, his sparkling smile
the way we would brush up against each other
unavoidable in that tiny space

the moment we changed from
coworkers to lovers
was the moment he closed the windows
prepared the truck to leave
i was busy doing the same
but my body knew every moment
where his body was
and he leaned into me
from behind
to place an item in an above cubby
and kissed my neck
which was deliciously shocking
because he had an ice cube
in his mouth

a moan escaped me
and before i knew it
i pushed backward
with a naughty grind

we faced each other
and passionately kissed
sharing the coolness of ice
on the hot summer day
and all i could manage to say after
was “Kiss My Grits”
we shared a laugh

that was years ago
once we owned the truck
we painted it on the side
and every summer day
i burn for him to use
his icy imagination
after we have sold out
and closed up

mobile lunch truck with kiss my grits painted on the side

image title “Kiss My Grits” by Trish+Brian on

she wanted yesterday back

she couldn’t feel it
she knew she should
but there was nothing
just her breath
creating a cloud
she could hear her breath
but the outside world
no longer mattered
like it didn’t exist

she walked the noon path
as they always used to
only she was alone
so alone it didn’t matter
she was naked
she just was
and the hibernating animals
didn’t care

the ice was supposed to be cold
she couldn’t remember if it was
forming or melting
and the point was empty for her

she walked to embrace
she walked to put distance
between herself and the
dreadful device
that brought the news

she wanted yesterday back

image by AUM on tumblr

makes her feel sexy

she smiles
her skin glows
her curves are luscious
envy inducing
and her confidence
beams out from her
bedroom eyes

her size is just right
makes her feel sexy
makes sex feel real
what does the rest of society
have to add to that?

These are her size, thank you!

the sexiest and funniest thing
i’ve ever seen
at a lingerie store a clerk helped a man
find the right size by allowing him
to cup her breast
which was only in a shiny bustier

he gently held one for a moment then
got embarrassed
quickly withdrew his hand
shaking his head
he didn’t know

she grabbed his hand
forced him to grab her breast
pressed her body against his
and whispered something in his ear

he turned red, and looked down
at her breasts
smiled, then nodded
“These are her size, thank you!”

the clerk proceeded to slap him
“You’ll never forget her size now.”
he quickly bought the item
and left the store
with a raging hard on
and a red cheek