2017 Nightmare Fuel Day 27

Everywhere I wear my mask,

Even if I must straw my flask.

Smiling is my favored gaze,

‘How do you do?’, my phrase.

Each day it seems more people shun,

Turn away or out right run.

I’m not sure what I need to fix,

Make-up, sales pitch, or other tricks.

The material I used was top notch,

Smooth like silk, colored butterscotch.

My hat covers other imperfections,

But I can’t even get directions.

No one will talk to me, alone or in a group,

They say worse things than nincompoop.

I’m cordial, considerate, and my appearance is neat,

But I step on the sidewalk and clear the street.

I’m just a lonely guy in a human skin mask,

Only ever did a single disagreeable task.

About Kary

I write many things, prose, poems, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. Feedback welcome. View all posts by Kary

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